Blast to the Past

As I sit here, I’m reminded of my high school and college days.  Unable to sleep, feeling emotional, and turning to my blog.  Fortunately this is not the norm in my life anymore.

I had Columbus day off yesterday, which is unusual, since it’s not normally a company holiday, but now that I’m working in a client office, we go by their holiday schedule.  Unfortunately, instead of being able to just spend a nice carefree day with Jules, I received news early in the morning that the seller of the house that we are under contract for may need to back out on our deal due to some legal issues she is regarding the custody of her child.

After spending the past week dealing with some minor anxiety due waiting for our inspection day and going over our financials and reworking numbers several times in excruciating detail, this news both blindsided me and had a bigger impact than I anticipated.  After the inspection, I was finally feeling relieved and comfortable with our decision, and had started moving onto thinking about how to handle the flooring in our new great room and was feeling genuinely excited about moving.  I even got off my lazy butt and started fixing some of the things in our condo to get it ready to sell.  It’s been very distracting to await the outcome of the sale and I had already started to think about whether we needed to prepare for our more difficult commute in the winter and where we would take Jules to play now that there wouldn’t be something in walking distance for her to go to every day.  I had started thinking through how this would affect new and old friendships and general convenience, how to cope with not being down the street from Los Guachos (I kid… sort of) and I think mentally I was finally ready to move forward.

But now we have a legitimate setback, and it’s been difficult to manage balancing compassion and frustration/anger.  While I understand the seller may be in a difficult situation, she should have known it could be a possibility before entering into contract with us, and I think it’s unfair to expect us to just back down because it might now be inconvenient for her to move.  So how to proceed… threaten legal action?  Just be reimbursed for our expenses and lie down and roll over?  Demand monetary compensation for our efforts?  As someone that in some ways doesn’t really place a high value on my own time, it’s difficult for me to evaluate what is fair.  I want to have compassion but also think isn’t right that for the seller to do this and feel wronged.  In the end, I wrote a letter to the seller to express our disappointment and ask her to consider other options to backing out even if things don’t work out the way she is hoping.  I don’t know a thing about her, so who knows if it will have any impact, but it’s worth a shot I guess.

We extended our remedy period for a week while she seeks a second opinion for her legal situation.  So the waiting game continues…

On the bright side, I used for the first time this morning in a while.  Quick & accessible quiet times.