3 Things on My Mind.

1.  I woke up today with tears in my eyes today because right before I woke up I was having a dream… here was the last sequence of  events:

“How are you feeling today, Dad?”
“I’m feeling okay,  maybe 70%”
::looks into my dad’s eyes that look  really sad and weak::
“That’s good, 70%’s not bad!”
::hugs dad tightly and bursts into tears::

2.  I played basketball with my 2 moms, wife, & Hannah last night.

3.  I got in a fight with George about Libya, yesterday… not because I think that the US is faultless in this situation or even because I’m convinced that we’re doing the right thing… which is maybe how it came off.  However, if you all you really care about is wanting to find every reason to believe our government is completely evil and only has the worst intentions in mind, I guarantee you will be able to find information to support that theory.  I’m sick of hearing a 40 some year old man who has never truly experienced persecution and pretty much oppresses the people around him complaining about how his horrible government is oppressing his freedom.


One thought on “3 Things on My Mind.

  1. Dreams with Dad always leave me waking up sad. *hug*

    I recently had a dream where I grabbed Ge*&%@ by the collar and yelled at him. Did you have a real fight with him about Libya or was this a dream fight? Either way, I agree, I think we’re doing the right thing there.


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