Has it been a year already?

It was just yesterday I swore I was going to start posting more… really!  I guess since my last post I’ve had a few life changes… like moving into a condo, getting married, traveled halfway around world and most recently, I’ve stepped down from volunteer InterVarsity staff after 3 years.   However, life is pretty good, it’s been nice to have some more time to do random things.  I’ve started a liiitle bit of prep for the GMAT, and started finishing the basement, though I’ve still got a long way to go on both.  Work is o-k for now, despite still being underpaid, at least I will get to do some different things over the next 10 months or so.  I think I’ll stop my recapping at that, lest I bore anyone bothering to read this to death.  We made it through the wedding, Taiwan was awesome, and it was a great year in AAIV!  There, I covered everything else.  d=

Our living room has received a few upgrades, recently.  Instead of this massive TV… , thanks to a generous anniversary/birthday/Christmas gift from Melissa’s parents, we have THIS massive TV…  (we’re watching our free Avatar 3D disc we got with a mail-in rebate for our blu-ray player).  And yes, I am sitting here blogging with 3D glasses on right now.  In addition, after looking at keyboards for probably like 4-5 years now, I finally splurged and bought my new baby:  a Yamaha CP33.  Maybe I’ll make some new recordings sometime.  I made a deal with Melissa that I wouldn’t buy any luxury electronics > $15 through December 2012 to get this guy… haha.  So I won’t be building a computer anytime soon.

I have to say, playing piano for pleasure and not for a lesson is a lot more fun d=  I went to my mom’s for dinner tonight and played on my real piano for a little bit, and it’s definitely still a different feel, but the electric is close enough.  I have it amped through a little Roland CM30 cube, and it sounds pretty nice.  I’m attempting to learn Un Sospiro, by Liszt.  I’ve can get through the first 2 pages okay, but the next 9 only get harder and harder… so we’ll see.  Aside from that, I’ve been practicing some improv off of chords, which I’m starting to kind of get the hang of, as well as trying to play Tim Be Told’s Lament by ear, to try and expand my abilities on the keys.  I still can’t sing and hold a rhythm in my hands simultaneously though.  Need to work on that.  I have to say, that as a solo instrument, there’s nothing that quite compares to a piano in terms of the fullness of sound you can have and the amount of stuff you can have going on.  I guess I wasn’t lying to myself when I thought I really missed playing piano.  A friend recently introduced me a composer I hadn’t heard about before: http://youtu.be/r49pIDj0hEI – Charles-Valentin Alkan.  I really like his compositions d=

Well, hopefully I’ll start posting more… about more interesting things than just life updates… but I guess that’s the challenge of blogging right?


4 thoughts on “Has it been a year already?

  1. jason i didn’t know you played piano too! next time we have a big outreach or something & you’re leading worship, maybe you can bring your baby =p

    also, @jeff – i bet it sounds like a sigh =p

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