Holiday season

I am so politically correct!

This time of year is always interesting because home as I knew it growing up is no longer existing.  It’s been relocated, and is no longer surrounded by the friends I have known for years and years.  It now has an obligatory Thanksgiving trip to Michigan instead of a giant Asian potluck.  I suppose it is nice to have some peace and quiet, though even the perks of being in Columbus weren’t really there as I barely got to see Melissa aside from another difficult conversation with the parents.

It’s looking more and more likely that our wedding is going to be pushed to October at earliest.  It feels really awful when you feel like you’ve put in so much time and energy into something and don’t come out with the resolution you were looking for, especially when it means a lot to you.  It got a little ugly this time as I got frustrated as Melissa’s dad kept talking like it was assumed our wedding was in December when I still really want a summer wedding and I still believe it’s quite feasible.  It was said that Melissa shouldn’t spend any heart or time in planning a wedding when she needs to finish college strong in regards to her academic performance… which drives me crazy because life never really slows down anyway, and while I agree she should work hard her last two quarters, two quarters of GPA will not actually have that much impact on her cumulative.

I got kind of worked up because I felt like it was ridiculous that they were painting a July wedding to be so impossible and I had been saying we wanted July ever since August and would have moved on things by now if it hadn’t been dragged out.  Then my mom got embarrassed and started yelling at me for not giving in, and we pretty much closed the conversation.  It makes me feel really awful when I see all my other friends smoothly moving through their wedding plans and I can’t even get a date down.  There aren’t really that many things throughout a year that I want, but it seems the thing I want the most is being withheld from me.

So that was how I kicked off my holiday season.

On a more meaningless note, the last level of New Super Mario Bros Wii is stupidly hard.  David, Jay, (Jes towards the end), and I played the last level for probably close to 2 hours and didn’t beat it.  We got a glimpse of Princess Peach’s cage but fell into the smoldering lava before we could get there.

I played some piano on Friday while I was at home, and found that my wrists are no longer up for the challenge.  After a little bit, they started getting really tired.  I also found that it would take quite a bit of work for me to get used to singing while playing non-sheet music.  I’m pretty sure playing along with a worship team wouldn’t be too much of a problem for me, but the singing pretty much screwed everything up.  Too bad I’ll probably never really get a chance to work on that d=

Need to do shopping soon… yay…

My dad was in one of my dreams last night… been a while since I’ve seen his face… sigh.