Been rummaging through the crap on my computer… will probably need to back it up soon as I would like to migrate to Windows 7…

Stumbled across this which I guess I wrote a while back…

“losing you has changed my track
like a story changing authors,
starting anew and never looking back
swept clean like bare floors,
you were taken from me
leaving me to wonder with you here now, where would i be?

another year has come and passed
more gain, less pain, but never the same
our time together shattered like glass
there won’t be one more tennis game
no more wake-up calls,
no more saving me, taking care of me after my falls

i’ve grown up now, learning how
to suffer, to love, to take a shove
to heal, to mend, to lend a hand
but i can’t help but wonder where i’d be
if you were still watching me..”

It’s coming up on 9 years since my dad passed away… it seems like a lifetime ago… time heals wounds, but the scars still remain…


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