Been rummaging through the crap on my computer… will probably need to back it up soon as I would like to migrate to Windows 7…

Stumbled across this which I guess I wrote a while back…

“losing you has changed my track
like a story changing authors,
starting anew and never looking back
swept clean like bare floors,
you were taken from me
leaving me to wonder with you here now, where would i be?

another year has come and passed
more gain, less pain, but never the same
our time together shattered like glass
there won’t be one more tennis game
no more wake-up calls,
no more saving me, taking care of me after my falls

i’ve grown up now, learning how
to suffer, to love, to take a shove
to heal, to mend, to lend a hand
but i can’t help but wonder where i’d be
if you were still watching me..”

It’s coming up on 9 years since my dad passed away… it seems like a lifetime ago… time heals wounds, but the scars still remain…


Open to the Public

Dundundun…  I’ve decided to open my slow-moving blog to the public, though more personal posts will be under password protection.  If you would like to apply for access to this password, let me know.  d=

In the fast-paced life I am accustomed to these days, it’s all too easy to skip time to process the things I’m learning in life, so as a part of a series of habit changes I’m hoping to make, spending some time to journal once a week is on my list.

Was reading postsecret this morning, it’s always interesting to get some insight on how other people look at Christianity on the internet.  If you ever spend time reading reddit, you’ll find many “devout” (I know, ironic right?) atheists who hate Christianity and will go on forever about it…  It’s hard for me to engage in it sometimes, but I think it’s important to have perspective on how the non-Christian world thinks, otherwise how are we supposed to understand where they’re coming from?  But anyway, back to postsecret…

The one that really stuck out to me this week was this:


So often when Christians start dating a non-Christian, they decide to do it even though they know they shouldn’t, and when things get messy they use God as a reason to escape.  It makes me sad when I wonder in what ways someone who’s had this experience has had a long-lasting and even permanent scar in their perception of God.  When we make bad decisions we generally suffer from the consequences, but if we don’t think about how our decisions could impact someone’s perspective of God, we may as well be preaching against the Gospel…

Managing any relationship is tough… when I’m at work feeling grumpy, it’s hard to have grace and love for coworkers when I’m constantly being asked questions (like today)… but all we can do is ask God for help and reach towards love d=